Delphi Lux, Berlin

Award winning films in an award winning cinema. The Delphi Lux has been located directly at Zoologischer Garten station in the heart of Berlin's City West since 2017. Opening a cinema at a time when streaming providers such as Netflix & Co. are on the rise is what I call true entrepreneurial spirit. And its success proves the Yorck cinema group right. The feedback from the press and movie lovers has been outstanding. The cinema even won the People's Choice Award in the "Entertainment Venue of the Year" category at the FRAME Awards 2019. Arthouse films and blockbusters are shown in seven auditoriums and on just as many screens. The design for the building was created by Bruzkus Batek, which was still a joint venture at the time. Each hall was given its own color concept, and the individual halls can also be emblazed in different color moods with the help of built-in LED rails.