Cinema Blauer Stern, Berlin

Opened in 1870 as a dance hall in the Berlin district of Pankow and converted into a cinema in 1933, the cinema was initially known as the "Bismarck-Lichtspiele". After the Second World War, it was reopened under the name "Blauer Stern", but closed in 1987 and used as a Greek restaurant after the German reunification.

It was not until 1996 that the cinema reopened after a complete renovation as the "Blauer Stern". Since 2018 managed by the Yorck cinema group it was largely renovated in 2020 according to the specifications of Batek Architekten.

New installations include a ruby colored seating area in the now spacious foyer, while the counter and some of the movable furniture were designed to match the color. Suspended LED light rails, where the light color can be changed, trace the historical diamond pattern of the stucco.

In theatre 1, round arches were created to divide up the room and the walls were covered with printed fabric panels, which echo sections of a painting by Berlin painter Mechthild van Ahlers exhibited in the foyer.